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3 Things I'm Excited For Within the Next Few Months

It isn't always an easy thing to feel emotions for me. Good or bad, I'd rather ignore whatever I feel and move on with my life. However, as a human being, I often have to remind myself that that is not always or usually ever, a healthy way to live. And to be excited is probably the hardest emotion for me because it is simply very easy to get excited and then get disappointed. But does this mean I should just never get excited about anything? That seems unrealistic and unwise. So despite risking some disappointment, here are some things that I am excited for that are happening in the next couple months.

  1. I am going to see my youngest sister in about 1 month. She currently goes to school in small town Tennessee and plays for the schools soccer team. It's only been about 1 week of actual classes right now, but she's been there for a few weeks and has been having a rough go. So, waiting a month to go see her seems incredibly hard right now. However, I know it will be worth the wait to have some sister time.

  2. I am going to see a Sharks hockey game. In November, my cousin is getting married, which is exciting in itself. My family, especially on my dad's side is all very close, so any time we get to get together is a party. I've never been to California before, however that's where my cousin is getting married, and it just so happens to be where my favorite team the San Jose Sharks play. AND they happen to be playing that very weekend. The best part of this is that I wasn't even the one to discover this. My dad actually did, and he even booked our flights a day earlier than originally planned so that I could potentially go to the game. There are still some X factors of course, like covid restrictions. But I might actually cry of happiness if we can pull off going to the game. It will be the perfect weekend.

  3. I'm moving home. And I'm lucky that I'm not going to have to pay my parents rent, and least not right now. I get to save my money or buy the things I've been putting off because it wasn't a necessity but I could really use. I looking forward to having enough money to buy actually groceries. And not having to stress if I get a flat tire. And getting myself slightly more out of debt. I'm excited to give freelance a shot. And figure out my actual future without being pressured at the moment. I'm incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, and I know many people don't. So I'm excited to see exactly where this path leads me.

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