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Can't Catch a Break

It started out about 2 months ago in the beginning of June. I honestly don't even remember the first piece of bad luck, but I do remember almost everything since June. At the time, I was working at a daycare, and I had been in a class I really liked, and when June hit, I was suddenly moved from that class. It's a daycare, and as assistant teachers tend to be in daycares, I was bounced around. I was not a fan.

Then, 2 weeks before I'm supposed to go on a 2 week vacation to the beach with my family, my mom falls and dislocates and breaks her wrist. She needs surgery and our vacation gets majorly shortened. And I work 2 jobs that I don't get paid vacation for and I am already scheduled off, so this is financially a problem.

A few days before my trip, my sinuses start to get bad. I have a sinus infection. The last thing you want right before a trip where you're supposed to drink all week. I get medicine to help, it's manageable for the trip, and me and my youngest sister leave to go to the Outer Banks.

My sister and I were not even an hour into our drive when our tire light came on. Yikes, right? Soooo we pull over and check. We're not driving either of our cars, we're driving my mom's, so we're just like uh does the light always come on or what? We pull over, we check it, it ends up being fine. About halfway, our oil light comes on. Great, another thing to the list. So, when we get to Williamsburg, where we were staying the night, we get an oil change because we weren't sure if there was a place to get one on the island.

We are now officially on vacation, so everything is fine now, right? Wrong. We managed to get lost a bit on our way to get wrist bands and other things we needed for the neighborhood we were spending a couple nights in. We had one embarrassing moment at one of those lift gates, where we didn't pull up far enough and we just sat there like idiots. lol. But the worst part of the vacation was about half way through, when in a house of 26 people, the stomach bug went through. About half of us all got it. So for the 2nd half of my vacation, and the whole week after, I was sick, and it was MISERABLE.

So, finally, I was back at work, working a job I hated, when just a couple measly weeks later, I catch what's going around at the daycare - hand foot mouth. Yes, normally, only kids get it. However, I am the exception to all rules medically. I get it, and it turns into bronchitis. Then within a week, I am also fighting a sinus infection, all during the time that my mom is having another surgery.

Talk about a rough couple months, right? So, the last 2 and a half months have not been my friend, however I am extremely grateful for my support system as I try to navigate this crazy thing called life. That's all for now, see you all really soon.


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