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So, a while ago, I had this thought; how do ghost wear clothes and where do they come from? I did make a small tik tok on this ages ago, but it's a question that just leads to many more questions to me.

Now, maybe you don't believe in the paranormal, so if that's the case, you might hate this article, or you might just find it fun to look at this question as an entertainment. If you are into the paranormal, this is probably also a very pressing question to you, and I invite you to follow my thought process and theories that I have come up with, some potentially more realistic than the others.

Also, some of you might be wondering what I am even talking about, so let me explain. Have you ever seen a ghost? Or seen a picture of a supposed ghost? In every single experience I've personally ever heard of, the ghost is always wearing something. Whether it's recognized by a hat, or a dress or overalls, there is always some form of clothes on the ghost.

So, my real question is how do they wear clothes? And where do they come from? I grew up in a Methodist church, and I was always kind of told that when you die, your soul leaves behind all physical possessions, which would mean you have no body, and to this argument's sake, no clothes. I also grew up fascinated with Egyptian culture though, and recently when the question of where do these clothes come from, I was reminded that the Egyptians bury their dead with a whole array of things that they might need in the afterlife, specifically pharaohs. So does the fact that ghosts that can be seen wearing clothes in one capacity or another prove that the Egyptians were right that physical possessions are useful in the afterlife? Let's now jump into some of my theories of where the clothes come from.

1. There's a ghost store.

So, to me, the least likely theory here, but is still just as plausible as the rest, is that there's a ghost store. After you die, you go to this store and you pick the clothes from the decade you died in or your favorite decade. This would follow the theories that physical possessions are irrelevant in the afterlife and they have their own possessions of sorts. I would also say this store is probably only available immediately after death because ghosts appear the same in a lot of places, saying that there's no outfit changes. It's like a one and done kind of store.

2. You wear what you die in.

This theory is a fair one, however, it does not account for the people who die naked. I've never heard of anyone claiming to have seen a naked ghost before. That's not to say it hasn't happened, or people just thought they were crazy for seeing it and didn't want to share that information. Or maybe very few people ever die naked, and when they do, they just simply decide they don't want to be ghosts. I'm not really sure the process of deciding to become ghosts or if it is even a choice someone gets to make, but it does simply put a small wrench in my theory that you wear what you die in, seeing how no one has seen a naked ghost before.

3. You wear you're favorite outfit

This one is probably my favorite theory. I'm not sure why, but it makes the most sense to me. Where your favorite outfit comes from? I have no idea. Perhaps the ghost store or perhaps the universe keeps track of some thing like that so you're comfortable throughout eternity. Of course, this is an outfit you would have had while living, and it would have been something iconically you. A staple of your past. For me, this would be a pair of grey or black leggings, a tank top and a grey or black cardigan with either black boots or tennis shoes. It's my favorite outfit combination without question, and I wear it an awful lot. The outfit would represent the ghost in both it's past and it's present, which is why I feel like this is my favorite theory, since there are a lot of elements to it. A ghost could pick something the wore daily, or something fancy they only ever wore once, and regardless it would still represent them. Or perhaps this theory goes even as far as the outfit being an imprint on their souls, which is why we can see it.

4. What you're buried in

This theory also makes some sense. It would follow along with what the Egyptians believed, that physical objects could follow you to the afterlife, and it had to be what you were buried with. And since ghosts are fairly transparent, so we couldn't tell if they were wearing black or not, and it isn't usually the people who buried the person who sees the ghost, it would be challenging to prove or disprove this theory. Also, then what about the people who are cremated? Is that outfit just what they died in then? Or do you dress up a cremated person? And typically aren't people buried in the best outfits? So most guys would be in suits, and girls in dresses. To be fair, most ghost women are seen in dresses, however, I've heard of a lot of male ghosts not always being dressed up. But again, that might be simply because they were buried in what the died it.

Of course it would be incredibly challenging to prove or disprove any of my theories, unless you are a ghost, which I am assuming my readers are not. However, if I am wrong about that, please let me know in the comments. Also, let me know what your favorite ghost and clothes theory is or if you have one that I didn't mention. Have a lovely day all!

Till next time,


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