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Prose: 1

“Do you miss me?” She asked quietly.

“What do you think?” He snapped, before

looking at the hurt on her face. “Of course I do.”

He sighed.

“Then what are we doing here? Why are we

choosing to be sad when we could be happy?

Because you make me happy. You make me

A better person. And yea, we’ve made mistakes,

and we’ll keep making mistakes, but that’s life. So,

you do you. And I’ll do me. And together we’ll be

extraordinary instead of just ordinary a part.

Together we can be more. Together we can just be

us. Because my god life doesn’t stop for anybody.

And I don’t want to spend my days missing you

when you miss me too. I don’t want to lose you.

And I don’t have to. I don’t have to if we decide to

just stop being stupid. And just go for it.”

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