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The Great September Saturday

As many of you who have been reading my posts lately know, life has been a smidge rocky for me lately. However, on Saturday, I had one of the best days in a long time, maybe even ever. What simply started out as a 'do nothing' sort of day, changed very quickly into an adventure type of day that was filled to the brim with fun things.

It all started with a text. I woke up around 10 am, and had only been up for about 20 minutes when my bestie texted the simple words, "what are you up to today?" I found this in itself pretty funny because my bestie is like a plan at least 2 days in advance, never the day of type person, but since I had nothing going on I was like nothing, why. And she simply responded that she would meet me in about an hour to do lunch and Target. Now, we have two go to restaurants that we typically always meet at, one being Don Ramon (her choice) and the other being Friday's (my choice). And we've been eating a lot of Don Ramon lately, that I was like let's do Friday's and she caved lol, so I was super excited. Then as our plan continued, we went to Target and I bought my sister a birthday present, well a lot of birthday presents since we were celebrating her birthday later that evening. We walked around the whole store, and it was just nice to be in each others company, catching up on life.

Then after Target, we decided we needed something to drink. This led us to our next stop, McDonalds. There was a pretty long line so we were just sitting in her car talking and when we pulled up to the window to get our food, my bestie forgot she closed her window and went to grab our drinks, and instead just completely punched the window. The woman handing us our drinks was chuckling, but I was completely dying. It was so funny, she couldn't do it again if she tried. It was well worth spending a dollar for a drink to laugh that hard.

After the McDonalds incident we continued our adventure to a local flea market near us. This, like McDonalds had not been a part of the original plan, but it was now a part of our day just the same. The flea market had everything from food, to clothes, to furniture to crystals, to antiques. We weren't there to really buy anything, but me and my bestie did get pulled into the crystals. When we found this little crystal booth, I immediately said, "Don't let me spend any money." And she immediately countered with "You can spend five dollars." And once again I was dying of laughter, and this time in a very public place. I'm not really sure what part of 'don't let me spend money' she didn't understand, but I did end up spending $5 exactly on a blue quartz crystal and a black speckled obsidian stone, which was one I had been looking for. There was also a moment in the store that my bestie was holding a blue stone of sorts and was literally in the process of saying "Wow this stone seems really fragile" as she was playing with it in her hand, and it totally broke. She quickly put it down and didn't touch anymore, and once again I was trying my hardest not to completely die of laughter.

After the flea market we decided the next move was mini-golf. We had passed a course on our way to the flea market and commented on how fun that would be as well as how long it had been since either of us had gone mini-golfing. So, of course, we had to do it.

It was honestly a good thing we were doing it just us because 1. We suck at mini golf. and 2. Anyone who would have ever gone with us would have hated us by the end. Somehow, my bestie, kept doing all of the holes wrong. She'd hit the ball and it would bounce off the obstacle and off the course, and then somehow end up back on the course. Or she'd hit an obstacle and end up right back where she started. And once she even hit the obstacle so hard with the ball that it flew off and went back to the last hole and the guy behind us had to throw her ball back to us. I was not good either, but I definitely was not as creative in my bad shots as her. I just simply couldn't putt and my ball was constantly just missing the hole by centimeters, rolling just past. Needless to say, we won't be winning an mini golf tournaments with scores as high as 91 and 103.

The last thing on our adventure day was ice cream. The golf course had an ice cream place, however, they only took cash, and neither of us had cash. So, we went to one of my all time favorites, Pavs. If you've never been to a Pavs, you don't know what you're missing. Their cookie dough ice cream is to die for.

I can't remember a single day where I have ever laughed so hard, or just even generally enjoyed my time as much as this past Saturday. It's a day that I really never want to forget because days like that don't come around too often. Somedays, are just simply perfect. And that was one of the few we get in this life. So, I had to write it down, so I make sure I never forget it. There are so many bad days in this lifetime, bad feelings and bad moments that just stick in your head. But I never want to forget this Great September Saturday with my bestie.

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