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The Little Things

The little things in life never seem to matter, until they do. When your mad at someone or dislike someone, everything they do drives you crazy. They could simply be breathing and you'd be like they're breathing wrong. Or when you overslept slightly, and have to rush around to get ready on time. It's annoying. It's a little thing, but it has such an impact on our mood and our lives because we let it...

However, just as the 'bad' little things impact our lives, so do the 'good' little things. They're often just moments in time that we don't really think about. We don't really notice, but they matter too. And maybe, they matter even more.

I currently, and not for much longer, work at a daycare. It is not my favorite job I've ever had, nor do I look forward going to work every day. But there are bright sides to the jobs. I have some kids that absolutely love me. In fact, I'm often bounced around to all the classrooms, which I don't love, but it does give me the chance to know a lot more kids. It also gives me the opportunity to get a lot more hugs and a lot of "I missed you". And despite hating being thrown into multiple classrooms a day, where I have no idea what's going on, it makes it a little bit better. It's those little moments with those kids and even my coworkers that makes a job I don't like much seem a lot better.

My best friend also currently works with me at this daycare, and unfortunately it does not help us see each other any more than we already do as we typically work in different classrooms, and she is much more stationary. However, after she left the other day, I had to return something to her classroom, and while I was in there, I scribbled a quick little, "Hey bestie, I love you" note on a post it note. It took less than thirty seconds of my time. It wasn't a big deal. It was a little thing. However, she sent me a text when she saw it in the morning saying it made her day.

It was a little thing. But life is so full of these little things that we so often just straight up overlook. Sometimes it's just a text saying I'm thinking of you, or a hug when the world feels like it's crashing. Sometimes it's a long shower after a long day. Sometimes it's your cat snuggling up next to you while you watch something on tv.

We all have these little moments that impact our lives. The good, the bad, the mundane. They all matter. They all effect us. They all change our lives without us even realizing it.

So, I hope you have some little moments that can bring a smile to your face today. And if you want to share, please let me know one of your little moments today. It isn't always easy out there, but you've got this. I hope you all have a lovely day, and I will talk to you all in the next blog. <3

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